Precision Carbon Footprint Analysis for Compliance & Sustainability

• Comprehensive scope 1, 2, and 3 analysis

• Interactive data dashboard

• Reduction strategy informed by data insights

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How it works

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In your first call with our industry experts, we will lay out the process of measuring emissions, explain complex jargon, and get you started on your journey to Net Zero.

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We Calculate

Following our open source Carbon Footprint Calculation Methodology, our revolutionary data processing techniques mean that reliable and accurate carbon footprint calculations can be garnered from datasets you already have. No sweat, no stress. Just download a few spreadsheets and let us do the rest.

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Minimise Footprint

With your carbon footprint breakdown as a guide, we identify key areas of your business that need attention and develop a plan to improve them. Impressive gains can be made easily once you know the hotspots.

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Support Projects

We help purpose-led companies achieve their sustainability goals from start to finish. We can help you reduce your footprint, inform your clients, or support incredible carbon reducing projects. From offsets to removals, we will find the right solution for you and help you become Net Zero.

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Supporting projects to make the world a greener place

Why Choose C Free?

Tailored Service

We understand that every business is unique. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your business and provide a tailored service to meet your needs.

Innovative Technology

Our AI powered technology allows us to provide you with a comprehensive carbon footprint analysis, and a reduction strategy informed by data insights.

Expertise and Support

Our team of experts are on hand to provide you with support and guidance throughout your journey to becoming a more sustainable business.

Loved by our Clients

Opencast Software

"Eddie and the C Free team have been excellent to work with over the last year. They have provided invaluable help as we continue our carbon tracking journey. C Free has been a great partner to help us and has demonstrated a clear commitment to continue to iterate and improve their collection methods using feedback. They have been brilliant at creating a genuine transformational rather than a transactional relationship which we look forward to continuing as we further track, report and lower our environmental impact."

Opencast Logo Dan, — Executive Asssistant

Serious Tissues

"At Serious Tissues we are all about having products that fulfil our everyday needs harming the environment as least as possible, being carbon neutral is really important for us. Working with the C Free team was great, we share company values and they made the process of going through the product/company assessment user friendly (easy to follow when compared to the industry) while having a pragmatic approach to the calculations."

Serious Soap Logo Anne, — Director

Equals Money

"Because of C Free’s bespoke categorisation and data processing, we’ve spent minimal time and resource collecting data. Their reports are thorough and easy to digest, and we’ve received dedicated support from them throughout as they’ve explained processes, industry language, and legislation. Their continued support and expertise has made the necessary process of becoming carbon neutral as easy as possible"

Equals Money logo Ivan, — Growth Lead


"C Free helped us demystify the options for carbon offsetting along with other projects. Their lifestyle survey was easy to complete and we are now proud to be able to say we have a carbon neutral workforce."

okoHaus logo John, — Co-Founder

Carnival Coffee

"We are so lucky to have found C Free who have shared so much of their wonderful expertise with us. They have helped us navigate calculations and systems to understand our impact on the environment in all of our business practises from transporting coffee - to roasting it- to getting it to cafes and people's homes. Their wonderful set up has helped us create a base for future planning and how we can reduce our impact and set targets to be better in all that we do. They have totally demystified the process and been super fun to work with along the way. We already highly recommend them to anyone we get a chance to!"

Carnival coffee Logo Jayne, — Co-Founder

Meet with one of our experts


When we calculate your carbon footprint we take a deep dive into your business operations to ensure that we get as accurate an impression of your emissions as possible. Every business is different which means that every calculation is different. This does make it difficult for us to put a standard price on our service without speaking with you first. Our full carbon footprint calculations and GHG reports start at £2500 and this increases with complexity and size of the business. Book a call and, after a brief chat, we can put together a proposal.

We work with you throughout the entire carbon footprint calculation process. Right from the beginning we demystify industry terms, help you set out your goals, and get started on a long term strategy. We build bespoke algorithms to process through your raw data so that you don’t have to go through and enter everything manually. We’ll build you a bespoke spreadsheet for significant data where we need things like kWhs of gas and electricity or litres of fuel. We have an employee survey to send out to collect emissions from commuting and working from home. Once we have collected all the data we need we’ll calculate your carbon footprint and provide you with a GHG report in accordance with the GHG protocol.

If you want to go carbon neutral in accordance with the PAS2060, we will take you through that process from start to finish. We can advise you on reduction strategies, source high quality carbon offsets, and complete your Qualifying Explanatory Statement (a document that demonstrates carbon neutrality). We can also complete Carbon Reduction Plans in line with UK government guidelines as required for PPN 06/21. We provide a tree planting service that you can read about below. We can make your workforce carbon neutral as a positive impactful employee work perk.

LCA stands for Life Cycle Assessment. These are deep dive assessments into the carbon footprint of a specific product. We will analyse the entire life cycle of a product including the product use and end of life. This is often more complex that a business calculation but, at the end, you will be able to label the carbon footprint of your product, and, if you wish, offset the emissions of that product to make it carbon neutral.

CO2e is carbon dioxide equivalent. It is the standard measure for carbon footprints and covers the six greenhouse gases laid out in the Kyoto Protocol. The problem is that there are many different green house gasses, all with different global warming potential. For instance, methane is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide. CO2e is the standard way to measure the global warming effect in terms of its equivalent effect in carbon dioxide.

Carbon Neutral can be achieved by calculating your carbon footprint, setting out reduction targets, and then offsetting residual emissions. This can be achieved quickly and is viewed as a good first step in your environmental journey; we can take a company to carbon neutral in a matter of months. It can be applied to businesses, events, and products. Net Zero, on the other hand, is a long term goal achieved only when all possible reductions have been achieved. It has a larger scope, requires huge reductions in real emissions, and only can be done with high quality carbon removals. It is almost impossible to be Net Zero now but should be part of your long term strategy and commitments.

Tree planting is a great cost effective way to help fight climate change. We have tree planting partners all over the world and can plant trees from £0.25 per tree. If you have an e-commerce platform and want to plant a tree per item bought, per order, etc. we have a small plug-in that you can install which will automatically plant a tree! At the end of each month we will bill you for your tree orders. We also have an optional partner profile page that you can share with your clients to show the good you have been doing.

All our calculations follow the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. For carbon neutrality we follow the PAS 2060 which is the internationally renowned carbon neutrality standard. For our carbon credits, we work almost exclusively with the Gold Standard which is the most respected carbon credits issuance service as it holds such high standards.