Meet the Team

C Free has been a prominent in the carbon accounting sector since its inception in 2019. Meet our amazing team members who make the magic happen!


Adam Forster

Dr. Adam is the intelligent one. With his PhD in Data Science, he writes code that makes measuring carbon footprints child's play. He's a big fan of Southampton FC and plays about 12 games of chess a day (at a minimum!)


Eddie Fitzgerald-Barron

Eddie is our resident BFG. So much so, his initials are almost and anagram. With a background in sales and consultancy, he is a people person. He loves the outdoors, on the weekend you'll find him up a mountain or on his bike.


Erin Callanan

Erin is our in house data guru. She is crucial for calculating our client's carbon footprints. Erin has a Masters in Physics and is highly skilled at programming. In her spare time she loves to knit, create art, and cook!


Malc Souter

Dr. Malc, is our carbon specialist, who possesses an intricate understanding of corporate carbon footprint calculations. His expertise in this field enables companies to navigate their environmental responsibilities with precision and insight. Outside of his professional pursuits, Dr. Malc is an avid climber and a cycling enthusiast, often seen riding his cherished Brompton.

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