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Why C Free?

All in One

From tree planting in Madagascar to efficient cookstoves in Rwanda, C Free will find the right solution for you and help you become Net Zero.

Bespoke Calculations

Every business is different, but C Free’s bespoke tools will understand the nuances of your business and help to make a real impact.

Total Transparency

Leave the complex jargon at the door. Our emissions reports are digestible giving you actionable insights on where to focus reduction efforts.

Working together for the planet


Measure your business’s impact on the planet to establish a reduction strategy and optimise your operations.



Set out reduction targets and strategies in line with a 1.5 °C future to limit the impact of climate change.



Support high-quality independently-verified climate solutions to balance out residual emissions.

Meet with our Specialists

We will sit down with you for a free 30 minute consultation to understand your current strategy when it comes to managing carbon emissions. We’re always more than happy to explain any industry terms, there are so many it can be daunting! We also make sure that any strategy we take is going to resonate with your customers.

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We Calculate

We will then build a bespoke algorithm for your business that we can use each year to track your progress. With the most up-to-date government statistics and access to private databases, we ensure that the calculation is as accurate as possible without taking too much of your valuable time.

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Minimise Footprint

Once the calculation is complete our specialists will work with you to find a reduction strategy that maximises your impact and increases your efficiency, without disrupting your operations.

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Support Projects

There are projects that are actively reducing emissions all over the world and they need your help to continue doing their fantastic work. We only work with projects that are independently-verified so that the utmost quality can be ensured.

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Supporting projects to make the world a greener place

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