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Get a comprehensive carbon footprint calculation for your entire business utilising our revolutionary scope 3 analysis. Fill in your details below or book a meeting.

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In your first call with our industry experts, we will lay out the process of measuring emissions, explain complex jargon, and get you started on your journey to Net Zero.

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We Calculate

C Free’s revolutionary data processing techniques mean that truly reliable and accurate carbon footprint calculations can be garnered from datasets you already have. No sweat, no stress. Just download a few spreadsheets and let us do the rest.

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Minimise Footprint

With your carbon footprint breakdown as a guide, we identify key areas of your business that need attention and develop a plan to improve them. Impressive gains can be made easily once you know the pain points.

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Support Projects

We help purpose-led companies achieve their sustainability goals from start to finish. We can help you reduce your footprint, inform your clients, or support incredible carbon reducing projects. From tree planting in Madagascar to efficient cookstoves in Rwanda, we will find the right solution for you and help you become Net Zero.

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